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The works of many have evaluated positive intention as it relates to spirituality: from Fundamental Christians to Benedictine nuns to Tibetan monks. Whether looking at MRIs of nuns in prayer or the brain waves of monks in meditation—all of it points to the fact that positive human intention is the secret ingredient to a higher state of being. When we stay in a higher state, we are more productive, happier, healthier, and better equipped to manage life's obstacles.

For small agencies, not a part of the grant cycle, there is a strong argument for the Intention Stick as a part of a holistic approach to child health care, childhood wellness, and rescue efforts around the world. A complex interplay exists between biological, genetic, social, and environmental conditions as determinants of child development, health trajectories, and health vulnerabilities.
For larger agencies who will participate in our grant program, the Intention Stick can be part of a framework in working with relief agencies to actively promote positive childhood experiences that contribute to healthy development and well-being, as well as preventing or mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences and other negative social determinants. (For more information about the efficacy of holistic approaches in responding to adverse childhood experiences, visit the Journal of the Academic Pediatric Association.


Our team will work directly with these agencies to develop a curriculum that is tailored to each agency's approach.

One of the benefits we believe will result from children having their own Intention Stick is the comfort that it will bring them. It is a tangible symbol of a gift of love. It's something they can touch as a reminder of their Intention and that someone loved them enough to give them this beautiful reminder that they are not alone, they are not forgotten, they are loved, that they do matter, that they do have a purpose and that they are as important as anyone else in this world. Most importantly that they can learn to trust the faith, they have found in themselves, and they can share that gift with others.

We are actively in pursuit of grant funding to conduct a scientific study using the Intention Stick to demonstrate evidence-based outcomes in childhood wellness. Why is this important? The data collected will be helpful in presenting to agencies and funding entities the efficacy of such an approach as it relates to childhood wellness. Below is a description of the clinical approach that will be taken to acquire that data.

Fundamental to our being, our intention can be considered an alignment of our purpose in life with action(s) to realize or manifest that purpose. Intention creates the tonality or energetic milieu in which we choose to live our lives. For example, our intention might be abundance—defined either solely by material accumulation and self-gratification on the one hand, or by healthful relationship with oneself and others incorporating purposeful, and balanced living on the other. The former is driven by a hedonic view focusing on satisfying personal desires typically transiently rewarding and, once fulfilled, must be re-sought and attained, leading to conflict, stress, discontent, restlessness – emotions and psychosocial states associated with a negative energetic biofield. 

Pursuing abundance in purpose of oneself from a balanced, healthy, compassionate, kind, and joyous perspective, or eudaimonic view, fosters relationship to oneself and others in truth and unity, leading more toward authenticity, contentment, fulfillment, happiness, and joy-- creating a more positive consciousness and balanced biofield. The intention is the energetic milieu with which we align our life's work—and is in and of itself a wellness practice that may be measured and evaluated. Our clinical approach in this scientific study is designed to incorporate a unique methodology to study the biophysiological effects of intention — the data demonstrated through this study will be an integral and fundamental component of the work of the Tree of Life Movement Foundation.

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