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The intention stick for children.

We first sought out a way to create an Intention Stick out of recycled materials in response to a growing request, but along the way we realized the power that such a material could have. Elsewhere around the world, an intention stick made of metal could  have a perceived value and therefore could be dangerous to the wearer. Eventually we settled on a Silicon Intention Stick. Silicon (versus silicone) has no negative impact. Silicon is the seventh most abundant element in the universe and the second most

abundant element in the earth’s crust.


The Silicon Intention Stick is age appropriate, has a breakaway chain and is as beautiful as those made of precious metals. It’s less about the materials and more about the idea behind the intention stick. Imagine a world where a child has something that connects them to their spiritual selves and forever connects them to the person who gifted it to them. The Tree of Life Intention Stick transforms hope into trust and faith in a better world, where we are all one. To learn more about the power of the Intention Stick, visit 

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