Numerous research studies have determined: 

  • Spirituality plays a significant role in child social, emotional, and cognitive development. Kids with an intense spirituality overall have greater grit, higher grades, more optimism, and persistence than kids without a strong sense of spirituality.

  • Teenagers who say they have a strong sense of spirituality are 80% less likely than the norm to have unprotected or dangerous sex, and 40% less likely to use drugs.

  • Personal spirituality that includes a direct personal relationship with nature, a universal presence or higher power (by any name) has a clear correlation with physical wellness and recovery from depression and disease; indeed, greater spiritual awareness produces the same readings in brain scans as recovery due to medication.

We extend the impact.

For the last 20 years or so, the CDC has conducted a study to evaluate how adverse childhood experiences are linked to many public health outcomes including teen suicide. Many of the scientists and psychologists conclude that if a child has one adult to turn to it could be the very thing that saves their lives.  That can be a family member, a neighbor a teacher or an older student. 


The point of all of this is this. 


We work with relief agencies to extend the impact of their work.  There is a strong scientific argument for the Intention Stick as a part of a holistic approach to child health care. A complex interplay exists between biological, genetic, social, and environmental conditions as determinants of child development, health trajectories, and health vulnerabilities.


The Intention Stick can be part of a framework in working with other relief agencies to actively promote positive childhood experiences that contribute to healthy development and well-being, as well as preventing or mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences and other negative social determinants. (For more information about the efficacy of holistic approaches in responding to adverse childhood experiences, visit the Journal of the Academic Pediatric Association).

We are actively in pursuit of grant funding to conduct a scientific study using the Intention Stick to demonstrate evidence-based outcomes in childhood wellness. 

We are whole human beings, and the soul of our spirit must be loved and nurtured. As human beings, it is our duty to make every child, and adult, on this planet feel whole; to make sure they know they matter, they are loved, they have a purpose and they are just as important as anyone else in this world. Once we give a child food or a pair of socks, what happens next? How have we changed them? What true impact have we made on that child? What tools have we given them to know that they can overcome their circumstances, self-confidence, self-love, etc.


We believe the Intention Stick bridges the gap. That's why we created the Tree of Life Movement Foundation. And it's the reason why we created the silicon Intention Stick - with children and teens in mind.  


Imagine a world where a child has something that connects them to their spiritual selves and forever connects them to the person who gifted it to them. Ironically we give people permission to believe in a higher power, to believe in material things but we rarely promote the importance of believing in oneself or our individual power to create our own reality. The Tree of Life Intention Stick transforms hope into trust and faith in a better world, where we are all one.  The Intention Stick isn't a trinket or a novelty necklace. That's why it will never be sold in retail stores. It is a powerful tool. And we've believe it has the capability to transform the world.

We transform children from at-risk to activated.

The programming we deliver through our agency partners is designed to transform children from at-risk and alone, to fully activated and self-aware and self reliant so that they can become change agents in their own communities.

The intention stick for children.

We first sought out a way to create an Intention Stick out of recycled materials in response to a growing request, but along the way we realized the power that such a material could have. Elsewhere around the world, an intention stick made of metal could  have a perceived value and therefore could be dangerous to the wearer. Eventually we settled on a Silicon Intention Stick. Silicon (versus silicone) has no negative impact. Silicon is the seventh most abundant element in the universe and the second most

abundant element in the earth’s crust.


The Silicon Intention Stick is age appropriate, has a breakaway chain and is as beautiful as those made of precious metals. It’s less about the materials and more about the idea behind the intention stick. Imagine a world where a child has something that connects them to their spiritual selves and forever connects them to the person who gifted it to them. The Tree of Life Intention Stick transforms hope into trust and faith in a better world, where we are all one. To learn more about the power of the Intention Stick, visit 


Tanner, 7 and Jacob, 9 and what the intention stick means to them personally.

75 Students at a Tolleson Elementary School who are being gifted Silicon Intention Sticks on March 6th - 2020

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